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It all started by chance.
In 2011, the first gallery I was thinking of holding an exhibition at didn't have any vacancies, so I was introduced to another gallery. 
 When I visited the gallery for the first time, I found that the atmosphere was completely different from that of the gallery I had originally thought of, and I realised that the theme I had been thinking of didn't fit the image I had in mind. A fairy necklace was swinging around the neck of the owner, who had a kind smile on her face.
It was then that I had the idea of having an exhibition here on the theme of flowers and fairies.
It seemed like the perfect theme for the sunny, glass-fronted gallery. 
Once I had made this decision, I remembered the Flower Fairies.
Flower Fairies is a collection of eight books of poems about fairies and flowers by British illustrator Cicely Mary Barker. 
When I was a child, Morinaga High Crown chocolates came with one of these fairy cards as an extra, and I used to collect them!  
At first I just displayed the cards with my flower arrangements, but surprisingly there were many people like me who had collected them in the past, and they all remembered them fondly.
Some time later, in 2015, I decided to take photos of the actual flowers when they were in bloom, and I was amazed at the accuracy of Cicely's drawings of the plants and her eye for observation! The Flower Fairies are based on 166 different plants, and each fairy is accompanied by a picture of the plant, which, like a botanical illustrated book, looks just like the real thing, as I discovered when I photographed them together.
Now I enjoy it so much that I keep trying to photograph all the species somehow!
The plants that Cicely draws are not only horticultural species, but also many wildflowers, which are called weeds, and it is also a pleasure to discover that there are many flowers and plants around us that we had not noticed before.
In 2019, they were featured in the autumn issue of the Garden Diary!
47 varieties are now available as postcards
All have been licensed by Copy Rights Asia Ltd.
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